Assessing Youth Using Graphic Organizers

Staff Development Guide

Training Situation: Meeting (small group)

Length: 30 minutes

Objectives: Participants will watch the Assessing Youth Using Sticky Notes video-based learning module and identify ways to use a sticky note chart during STEM activities.


  • Welcome and introduction – 5 minutes
  • See the skill in action – 10 minutes
  • Implementing this strategy – 15 minutes

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Video-Based Learning Module

As you watch the skill video below, think about these questions:

  • Why does Lynn do this activity a second time with youth?
  • Why does Lynn ask youth so many questions about their choices and understanding?

Now that you’ve watched the video, reflect on what you saw.

  • How could you use a similar assessment technique in other STEM activities?
  • What are other activities that could help you connect their everyday activities to STEM?

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