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Youth are introduced to the concept of using algorithms through fun, hands-on activities using LEGOs and in Minecraft Education Edition

Developing Skills Needed for Active STEM Learning

Reflect on their facilitation to learn to get youth actively engaged in STEM learning.

Get Active

Compare active and passive learning and convert passive learning activities to more active ones in order to engage youth in active learning.

Make It Active

Review strategies to get youth actively doing STEM in order to add more active learning opportunities to their program.

Considerations When Giving Youth Control

Discuss concerns and the “Developing a STEM Project” Video-Based Learning Module in order to give youth control of STEM learning experiences.

Effective Strategies for Giving Youth Control

Encouraging Youth Choice

Work through the Youth Voice and Choice Video-Based Learning Module and create an action plan to give youth more control of their STEM experiences.

Examples in Action

Watch the Giving Youth Control in Investigations Video-Based Learning Module to learn how to give youth more control in their STEM learning experiences.