Who are frontline staff?

Frontline staff are individuals in your afterschool program that work directly with youth to guide a program or activity. This may include volunteers, entry-level staff, summer staff, childcare providers, or educators. Essentially, any adult leaders that are required to interact with youth are considered frontline staff.

How do I access the courses?

Register for a free account by clicking the register link on the top right. When you return to the site, you can click the log in link to access your free account.

How do I find an activity or training guide?

For learning activities, click the learning activity tab on the top of the page. For training guides, there are different categories. You can select your interest area at the top as well. 

What is our purpose?

Click2ComputerScience is about inspiring youth to find their potential in Computer Science. We can accomplish this by helping educators and youth professionals find the best ways to reach the youth as well as teach Computer Science. We provide training guides, videos, learning activities, and much more to ensure there are plentiful resources to get our goal accomplished. 

Who is this website for?

Click2ComputerScience is for kids and youth professionals. There are activities for professionals to use for programs with kids, and even guides on how to positively impact the youth. 

Do you only help with Computer Science?

No! We have two other websites dedicated to engineering as well as science. Their websites are www.click2engineering.org and www.click2science.org.