Lesson Planning

Ready to start integrating computer science in your out-of-school program? Great! Start here for ideas on how to build on your strengths and teach computer science.

Any Student can be Inspired by the Possibilities of Computer Science

Watch a video to learn how youth can be inspired by the possibilities of computer science.

Learning Through Group Projects

Watch youth development professionals use control of the materials and space to allow youth to take charge of the learning.

Organization that Supports Group Management

Management is about supporting learning; control is about making sure youth are doing what you want. Learn how to manage, not control, the experience.

Planning Computer Science Experiences

Reflect on the computer science experiences you have led and learn to better prepare and manage CS learning.

Getting Real

Set your own goal to help youth learn to see themselves as someone who does computer science.

Setting Up for Computer Science Success

Learn how to arrange learning spaces for computer science activities and the unique challenges of using technology in OST programming.

Want to dive deeper into educational program planning?

Jump into the program director area for ideas about staff development and community partnerships.

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