Supporting Positive Youth Development

4-H has developed its Thrive model with out-of-school educators in mind. If you’re new to out-of-school education, this is a perfect place to start. Use the education below to familiarize yourself with best practices and to prepare yourself to help develop strong, confident young minds, who are ready to dive into computer science.

What Makes Computer Science Unique?

The 4-H experiential learning model helps young people understand that computer science is much more than just what happens on a computer. This approach develops leadership and life skills and prepares young people to be the innovators and problem-solvers of our future.

Improving Your Skills Working with Youth

This course is designed to help anyone working with youth develop their skill in teaching and leading youth programming.

Want to generate more excitement around STEM fields?

Discover easy ways to show kids the possible STEM careers they might be interested in.

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