4-H STEM Challenge

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Learn how tinkering is important to learning in computer science and prepare to engage youth in directing their learning.

Identify Connections to Prior Knowledge

Participants will watch the Presenting a Challenge Video-Based Learning Module and complete the Bridges worksheet to better connect everyday experiences to STEM.

4-H STEM Challenge

The 4-H STEM Challenge is an annual initiative to inspire kids everywhere to take an interest in STEM through hands-on learning.

Seeing Patterns

Learn how to help youth reflect and process experiences with patterns and trends in data to assist them in computational thinking.

Teens Lead in 4-H Computer Science

4-H experiences help teens develop a wide variety of interests and skills, including leadership. These teen leaders use their skills to lead computer science experiences and build meaningful relationships and help young people see themselves as computer scientists.

Opportunities for Youth to Direct and Manage Their Own Learning

Youth begin to identify with STEM when they have a voice in the learning process.

Including All Learners

The facilitator adapts an activity using strategies that support the unique needs of his audience, including English language learners.

Explaining a Variety of STEM Careers

Discover new strategies for connecting any activity to CS careers and helping youth see potential careers.

Role Playing Conversations About Computer Science Careers

Practice using conversation prompts in order to talk to youth about careers in computer science.