Teaching Computer Science

You’re great with youth. Computers? Not so much.

As an out-of-school educator, your goal is to bring more computer science learning into your program. The only problem is… you don’t understand computer science! That’s OK. This section is full of non-intimidating activities and techniques you can use to better understand computer science and how to effectively teach it.


You don’t have to be a computer science wiz to teach the concepts, thinking skills, and career paths associated with the field. This is a place to start to build your knowledge and confidence in computer science.

Building STEM Excitement

One of the most rewarding parts of educating youth in out-of-school experiences is the joy of opening their eyes to possibilities they didn’t know existed. You’re in a position to show them possible STEM careers that could change the way they see their own future and what they’re capable of.

Lesson Planning

Ready to start integrating computer science in your out-of-school program? Great! Start here for ideas on how to build on your strengths and teach computer science.

Want more on enhancing program quality?

Check out the resources available for program directors to enhance the computer science component of their out-of-school learning experiences.

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