Design Challenge

All Education


Learn how tinkering is important to learning in computer science and prepare to engage youth in directing their learning.

Code Camp

Code Camp is a 24-hour programming, design and entrepreneurship contest where teams compete against other teams to build the best web or mobile app.

Getting Youth Ready to do STEM

Learn how experienced youth educators prepare for STEM learning.


Make the engineering design process less intimidating with DIVEE, an acronym, and chant that is modeled by an out-of-school learning professional.

Creating Opportunities for Youth to Reflect

See how this experienced facilitator guides the activity to encourage learners to understand science and engineering skills by reflecting on what is happening and processing the outcome.

Developing Strategies for Reflection

Learning happens when we reflect. Take time to reflect on your strategies for reflection.

Like a Real Engineer

Engage youth in a real engineering activity around circuit design and learn how to discuss what problem solving skills students are modeling.

Technology for Assessment

Get a clear understanding of the technology tools used for assessment of youth, and how you can use these tools to better understand the success of your activities and education experiences.

Is It Managing or Controlling?

Management is about supporting learning. Control is about making sure youth are doing what you want. Learn how to manage, not control, the experience.