Making Computer Science Engaging

Every student is different, and to many of them computer science may seem intimidating. Here you’ll find education on how to make the topic engaging to youth, and how to ensure your teaching style is accessible and inclusive.

Opportunities for Youth to Direct and Manage Their Own Learning

Youth begin to identify with STEM when they have a voice in the learning process.


Make the engineering design process less intimidating with DIVEE, an acronym, and chant that is modeled by an out-of-school learning professional.

Like a Real Engineer

Engage youth in a real engineering activity around circuit design and learn how to discuss what problem solving skills students are modeling.

You’re a Computational Thinker

Learn how you’re a computational thinker, how computational thinking practices fit into other activities, and how to develop these practices with youth.

Reflecting on Your Own Skills

Learn to increase engagement by connecting learning experiences to STEM pathways and careers

Facilitating Inclusive Learning Experiences for Computer Science

Learn how adapting computer science activities to meet the needs of individual learners can benefit all participants, and the CS field as a whole.

Need more info on how to organize your learning group?

Learn how to manage an educational environment to everyone's benefit.

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