CS Unplugged

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Hacker Training

Learn about cryptography and how to use a replacement cipher. Then create messages to encode and decode with others in your group.


Youth are introduced to the concept of using algorithms through fun, hands-on activities using LEGOs and in Minecraft Education Edition

CS Fundamentals

CS Fundamentals is the curriculum guide, providing a comprehensive system for creating CS learning experiences.

Computation Thinking with Monsters

With nothing but paper and markers, students will learn the four practices of computational thinking.

A Game Without Instructions

This lesson gives students the opportunity to practice the four computational thinking practices (decomposition, pattern matching, abstraction, and algorithms) in one cohesive activity.

Including All Learners

The facilitator adapts an activity using strategies that support the unique needs of his audience, including English language learners.

Break It Down

The facilitator works to enable active learning as youth work in small groups and use the strategies of computational thinking to design and describe their own unique monsters.

Computer Science: It’s Easier Than You Think

Explore what computer science is, why it is important for youth in your program, and how you can successfully teach computer science.

Organizing Your Computer Science Activities

Discuss the challenges you face and develop strategies for organizing materials and managing computer science activities.