Teaching CS

All Education

Hacker Training

Learn about cryptography and how to use a replacement cipher. Then create messages to encode and decode with others in your group.

Digging Deeper

Expand an upcoming lesson to learn to engage youth in conceptual STEM learning.

Making STEM Meaningful

Apply strategies for making STEM meaningful to their upcoming activity plans to learn to get youth actively engaged in STEM learning.

Creating My Project

How to provide opportunities for youth to direct and manage their own learning and explore strategies to help young people learn to be problem solvers and contributors to computer science.

Computer Science: It’s Easier Than You Think

Explore what computer science is, why it is important for youth in your program, and how you can successfully teach computer science.

Improve Your Computer Science Understanding

This course is designed to help anyone working with youth get comfortable with computer science and computational thinking.

Improving Your Skills Working with Youth

This course is designed to help anyone working with youth develop their skill in teaching and leading youth programming.