Building STEM Excitement

One of the most rewarding parts of educating youth in out-of-school experiences is the joy of opening their eyes to possibilities they didn’t know existed. You’re in a position to show them possible STEM careers that could change the way they see their own future and what they’re capable of.

Getting Youth Ready to do STEM

Learn how experienced youth educators prepare for STEM learning.

Explaining a Variety of STEM Careers

Discover new strategies for connecting any activity to CS careers and helping youth see potential careers.

Emerging STEM Identities

See how real-world experiences help young people see themselves as someone who can be a contributor to STEM.

Planning Computer Science Experiences

Reflect on the computer science experiences you have led and learn to better prepare and manage CS learning.

Developing Skills Needed for Active STEM Learning

Bring STEM possibilities to life by showing youth the skills they need (and already have) to be successful at STEM learning.

Role Playing Conversations About Computer Science Careers

Practice using conversation prompts in order to talk to youth about careers in computer science.

Connecting to Prior Knowledge with an Idea Walk

Help youth connect to STEM possibilities with this engaging practice. 

Careers with Code

Develop ways to incorporate career connections that create awareness of the value of computer science for youth.

Setting Up for Computer Science Success

Learn how to arrange learning spaces for computer science activities and the unique challenges of using technology in OST programming.

Want to make computer science engaging to ALL youth?

Learn how to make your teaching inclusive and the topic accessible.

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