Data Literacy

Every young person deserves an equitable start.

We live in a digital and data-driven world. This world doesn’t need everyone to be a data scientist, but everyone does need to be data literate to navigate this world – and organizations need data-literate people who will help them be innovative and creative in this data-driven world.

adults working together taking handwritten notes and browsing tablet devices

What is Data Literacy

Learn about data literacy's importance, integrating skills into out-of-school programs, and insights on curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking in data analysis for innovation.

child works on computer as an adult points to screen

Highlighting Data Literacy

Learn how to integrate data skills seamlessly into your program while empowering children to ask questions and interpret data confidently.

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Making Data Engaging

Explore resources designed to build data literacy skills in ways that are fun and engaging for young people.

Want more details on specific computer science activities?

Pop into our Learning Activities area to grab some engaging, hands-on experiences you can share with your program.

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