Enhancing Your Program

Program directors see the big picture.

That’s why you’re always looking for better ways to build your out-of-school program, especially where computer science is concerned. For you, that means staff and volunteer development, computer partnerships, and program evaluation for continuous improvement.

adult standing at front of classroom asking questions of students

Building Your Team

How are you going to get started? Use these resources to plan your program and build a team of supporting staff, educators, volunteers and CS professionals.

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Community Partnerships

Your community is one of your program’s most valuable resources. From volunteers to new learners to funding, your relationship with the community will determine how much of each come through your door each year.

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Program Evaluation

In order to continuously improve your program, and to prove its effectiveness to funding partners, evaluation is a non-negotiable.

Want more details on specific computer science activities?

Pop into our Learning Activities area to grab some engaging, hands-on experiences you can share with your program.

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