Career Connections

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Any Student can be Inspired by the Possibilities of Computer Science

Watch a video to learn how youth can be inspired by the possibilities of computer science.

Explaining a Variety of STEM Careers

Discover new strategies for connecting any activity to CS careers and helping youth see potential careers.

Assessing Youth Using Graphic Organizers

This simple assessment tactic will help you determine if learners are understanding concepts. Grab some stick notes and get started!

Like a Real Engineer

Engage youth in a real engineering activity around circuit design and learn how to discuss what problem solving skills students are modeling.

Role Playing Conversations About Computer Science Careers

Practice using conversation prompts in order to talk to youth about careers in computer science.

Improving Your Skills Working with Youth

This course is designed to help anyone working with youth develop their skill in teaching and leading youth programming.

Careers with Code

Develop ways to incorporate career connections that create awareness of the value of computer science for youth.