Helping Youth Thrive PYD Academy

Helping Youth Thrive through a Computer Science Lens from 4-H National Council

February 27, 2024

Discover how computer science can catalyze youth to nurture sparks, find belonging, build relationships and find their voice.

Scientist counting penguins

Data to the Rescue

February 21, 2024

Register now to join this virtual workshop on March 8 to learn to help youth be innovative and creative in this data-driven world.

Male teen leader works with youth on a project.

Building Strong Teen Leaders

January 18, 2024

This virtual workshop on February 14 will focus on supporting young staff and teen volunteers.

children playing on tablet devices

Preparing Yourself to Lead CS Experiences

November 20, 2023

This recorded workshop will help you select and plan CS experiences that are engaging and effective.

girl thinking as she's writing in notebook

Data Literacy in Out-of-School Time recording

November 2, 2023

Click2ComputerScience team discusses the Why, What and How of Data Literacy.

adult facilitator helps youth as they work on laptop computers

You’re a Computational Thinker recorded workshop

August 31, 2023

Learn how you can help youth develop as computational thinkers and leave with strategies you put into use right away

Teaching Kids the Magic of Computer Programming

August 9, 2023

Learn why teaching Computer Science is so important and the different ways to teach.

The Scary Future of AI Technology

July 20, 2023

Learn about the up-and-coming technology called AI and how it will affect our future.

Creative Coding

July 14, 2023

Learn how coding can be introduced to people who learn visually as well as people who are interested in creating visual art.