Reflecting & Processing

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Developing Skills Needed for Active STEM Learning

Reflect on their facilitation to learn to get youth actively engaged in STEM learning.

What About Challenges?

Reflect on programmatic challenges in order to add more active learning opportunities to their program.

Creating My Project

How to provide opportunities for youth to direct and manage their own learning and explore strategies to help young people learn to be problem solvers and contributors to computer science.

Improving Connections

Design dough creatures to learn to connect youths’ prior experiences to STEM activities.

Make It Relevant

Brainstorm science practices in order to add more opportunities for youth to connect the work of scientists to their everyday activities.

Seeing Patterns

Learn how to help youth reflect and process experiences with patterns and trends in data to assist them in computational thinking.

Creating Opportunities for Youth to Reflect

See how this experienced facilitator guides the activity to encourage learners to understand science and engineering skills by reflecting on what is happening and processing the outcome.

Developing Strategies for Reflection

Learning happens when we reflect. Take time to reflect on your strategies for reflection.