Facilitating Learning

Educating in an out-of-school environment isn't all about lecturing, tests, and worksheets. It's a more engaged, hands-on environment. These techniques for facilitating learning will help your students get a better understanding of computer science concepts.

Including All Learners

The facilitator adapts an activity using strategies that support the unique needs of his audience, including English language learners.

Creating Opportunities for Youth to Reflect

See how this experienced facilitator guides the activity to encourage learners to understand science and engineering skills by reflecting on what is happening and processing the outcome.

Developing Strategies for Reflection

Learning happens when we reflect. Take time to reflect on your strategies for reflection.

Getting Real

Set your own goal to help youth learn to see themselves as someone who does computer science.

Improving Your Skills Working with Youth

This course is designed to help anyone working with youth develop their skill in teaching and leading youth programming.

Are the learning activities working?

Learn about how to assess the effectiveness of activities and the learning of youth.

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