April 25, 2022

Sphero is a kid’s programmable robotic friend that helps them learn STEM concepts and keeps them entertained and passionate to learn. Watch this video to learn more.  


Sphero is a spherical electronic device with an application that can be installed on a tablet or a smartphone. Sphero Play is designed to use at home for entertainment and learning. Sphero Edu is designed for teaching STEM through coding, science, music, and the arts. Kids will learn about robotic, coding, how Sphero operates, and explore different components. On top of these rich learning opportunities, Sphero Edu provides challenging activities and competitions to complete. Students are not limited to just programming the movement of sphero. Sphero has LED lights and sounds that can also be programmed, and the students love to be creative by adding their first letters, names, or other shapes. 


The Sphero Mini Robot’s price is $50 and the Sphero kits usually range between $150-200 dollars. Sphero Academy has self-guided trainings for educators.  The Sphero apps provides instructional videos with steps to follow and a variety of exercises to explore depending on their interests. For instance, they could dive into the animation or the technology field. Changing Sphero’s LED lights when vibrating is an example of a challenging activity.