STEM Ambassador Program

April 11, 2022

One of the best resources for computer science is our teen leaders. Watch this video to learn about New Jersey 4-H`s STEM Ambassador Program. 



There are many 4-H stem teen programs across the states, but this program offers a structure that allow youth to maximize their potential. The teen leaders are the secret to 4-H program`s success. New Jersey 4-H reacted quickly to the pandemic by moving from in-person to a virtual platform on the 19th of March 2020. STEM teen leaders are ambassadors that come from seven urban counties across new Jersey. They were trained through an extensive in-person program before the pandemic. The STEM Ambassadors teach the younger youth members with the focus of computer science. There are 50-60 active members statewide. The STEM teen ambassadors learn how to teach the new STEM teen ambassadors where they add their great ideas and use their creativity skills. STEM ambassadors are the most valuable team member.  


We provide our STEM leaders respect, opportunity for learn/grow, education, teaching skills, support, and formal curriculum training. Statewide STEM teen leaders meet regularly.  4-H faculty support the teen meetings, offer new content, and coordinate larger activities. STEM teen leaders are included in the development, planning, implementation, and evaluation stages. Teen leaders were trained to teach Mars Base Camp Challenge. MBC is a collection of STEM activities that teaches kids ages 8-14. New Jersey 4-H offers virtual statewide teen leader training. Teen leaders go through an application program before training. Teen leaders are not required to attend all the meetings, but some meetings are required to be ready for programming. We teach the teen leaders the techniques. We use CS unplugged activities, STEM cards and curriculums. Teen leaders get to test out the material and choose what suits them best. We are happy of the network established that gathers all the STEM kids across the states with the rules of belonging, creativity, and success.  


Read Promoting STEM Interest and Identity Through the 4-H STEM Ambassadors Program in Connected Science Learning (2019) by Denise Bressler and Christine Bean.