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November 16, 2020

Computer science is more than a discipline. It’s a passport for young people from all walks of life to achieve a high-paying career where they can contribute their creative gifts to the world.

To help ensure that all youth who want to enter the computer science field can do so–and to expose more youth to the possibilities computer science offers–Click2ComputerScience is committed to equipping out-of-school time (OST) educators with what they need to facilitate engaging, hands-on computer science learning experiences.

These activities encourage youth to be curious, ask questions, and make connections with the world around them. These are essential skills for success in life and increasingly important in the global economy. But too often, frontline OST staff and volunteers, who work directly with youth in these programs, lack the skills they need to effectively plan and deliver positive STEM learning experiences. Click2ComputerScience addresses the need for low-cost, high-quality professional development by providing OST professionals the resources and skills to create positive computer science learning experiences with youth.

Computer science professionals

You know computer science. Now you want to share that knowledge with young people. Learn how to spread your passion for computer science by turning your know-how into engaging youth learning experiences that broaden participation in computing.

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Out-of-school educators

You’re great with youth. Computers? Not so much. As an out-of-school educator, your goal is to bring more computer science into your program. The only problem is… you don’t understand computer science! That’s OK. You don’t need to be an expert coder or techie to lead great computer science experiences. Learn how to build on the skills you already have.

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Out-of-school program leaders

Program directors see the big picture. That’s why you’re always looking for better ways to build your out-of-school program, especially where computer science is concerned. For you, that means staff and volunteer development, computer partnerships, and program evaluation for continuous improvement. Young people need to understand computational thinking and computer science to thrive in today’s world. Enhance your program and prepare your team to succeed.

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Looking for more?

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