Giving Youth a Role

Staff Development Guide

Training situation: Training (large group)

Length: 90 minutes

Objectives: Participants will do the Make Your Own Rules activity to learn how to support giving youth more control over their learning.


  • Welcome – 5 minutes
  • Introduction – 15 minutes
    • Introduction Activity: Giving Youth Control
  • See the Skill in Action – 15 minutes
  • Hands-on Learning and Practice – 50 minutes
    • Make Your Own Rules
  • Conclusion – 15 minutes



Video-Based Learning Modules

As you watch the skill video below, think about these questions:

  • How does Aaron use questions to give youth autonomy and support in their learning?
  • What choices do youth get to make during this activity?
  • What are other ways to incorporate youth voice into this activity?

Now that you’ve watched the video, reflect on what you saw and post your responses.

  • How does supporting youth finding the answer themselves give them control over their learning?
  • How can you help youth work through frustrations and make choices without telling them the correct answer?

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