Staff Development Guide

Training Situation: Training (large group)

Length: 120 minutes

Objective: Participants will learn how breaking problems into smaller, manageable parts is key to computational thinking and building this skill.


  • Welcome and introduction – 5 minutes
  • See the skill in action – 5 minutes
  • Practice computational thinking – 25 minutes
  • Process the experiences with a gallery walk – 10 minutes
  • See the skill in action – 10 minutes
  • Using a graphic organizer – 10 minutes
  • Engage in active learning at the computers – 40 minutes
  • Process the experience – 10 minutes
  • Conclusion – 5 minutes

Download Staff Development Guide

Face-to-Face Version


Virtual Version


Video-Based Learning Module

Watch the activity overview video. This video shows staff facilitating the activity featured in the skill video.

As you watch the skill video below, think about these questions:

  • Who is doing the problem-solving in this activity, the facilitator or the leaders?
  • What questions does Dagen use to encourage and support active learning?
  • How do you know if youth are engaged in active learning?

Now that you’ve watched the video, reflect on what you saw.

  • How do computational thinking practices support active learning?
  • How could you support active learning with the youth you work with?
  • What are the benefits to youth when they are engaged in active STEM learning?

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