Effective Strategies for Giving Youth Control

Staff Development Guide

Training situation: Training (large group)

Length: 65 minutes

Participants will engage in an Eco-Bots challenge to learn ways to support youths’ interest in activity design.


  • Welcome – 5 minutes
    • Name Tents
    • Self-Reflection: Giving Youth Control
  • See the Skill in Action – 15 minutes
    • Talk Moves for Giving Youth Control
  • Hands-on Learning – 40 minutes
  • Conclusion – 5 minutes



Video-Based Learning Module

As you watch the skill video below, think about these questions:

  • What was the question Kevin asked? What were the youth’s responses? How was this question effective in getting youth to think and talk about their poster design? (1:16-1:46)
  • What processes and tools do you see the youth using to develop their project? (1:59 – 2:29)
  • After the groups completed their project, they shared their results through an activity with the public. What are the interactions between the youth and their audience? Were they engaged? How would this experience make meaning to what they learned about Australian animals? (2:58-3:20)
  • What could you add to the project to connect to youth’s prior experiences, about what they might believe about Australian animals and culture?

Now that you’ve watched the video, reflect on what you saw and post your responses.

  • What projects have you done in your program where the youth were in charge of the learning?  What did you do to ensure youth were in control of the project outcomes?

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