Creating CS Learning Environments

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Teens Lead in 4-H Computer Science

4-H experiences help teens develop a wide variety of interests and skills, including leadership. These teen leaders use their skills to lead computer science experiences and build meaningful relationships and help young people see themselves as computer scientists.

Opportunities for Youth to Direct and Manage Their Own Learning

Youth begin to identify with STEM when they have a voice in the learning process.

Computer Science: It’s Easier Than You Think

Explore what computer science is, why it is important for youth in your program, and how you can successfully teach computer science.

Organizing Your Computer Science Activities

Discuss the challenges you face and develop strategies for organizing materials and managing computer science activities.

Facilitating Inclusive Learning Experiences for Computer Science

Learn how adapting computer science activities to meet the needs of individual learners can benefit all participants, and the CS field as a whole.

Planning Computer Science Experiences

Reflect on the computer science experiences you have led and learn to better prepare and manage CS learning.


Learn how to prepare for tinkering in computer science experiences that engage youth in directing their own learning.

Teens Learning to Lead

This course is designed to help teens develop their skills to lead and teach computer science.

Careers with Code

Develop ways to incorporate career connections that create awareness of the value of computer science for youth.