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Considerations When Giving Youth Control

Discuss concerns and the “Developing a STEM Project” Video-Based Learning Module in order to give youth control of STEM learning experiences.

Identify Connections to Prior Knowledge

Participants will watch the Presenting a Challenge Video-Based Learning Module and complete the Bridges worksheet to better connect everyday experiences to STEM.

Improving Connections

Design dough creatures to learn to connect youths’ prior experiences to STEM activities.

Building Relationships with STEM-Rich Partners

Frontline staff and volunteers will seek out community partners and utilize their strengths in STEM to enhance programs. They will identify shared goals and develop partnerships with STEM-rich local business/industry.

Getting Youth Ready to do STEM

Learn how experienced youth educators prepare for STEM learning.

Explaining a Variety of STEM Careers

Discover new strategies for connecting any activity to CS careers and helping youth see potential careers.

Emerging STEM Identities

See how real-world experiences help young people see themselves as someone who can be a contributor to STEM.


Make the engineering design process less intimidating with DIVEE, an acronym, and chant that is modeled by an out-of-school learning professional.

Developing Strategies for Reflection

Learning happens when we reflect. Take time to reflect on your strategies for reflection.